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Do I need to buy Seed Potatoes?

February 2nd, 2015

We are often asked if it is really necessary to spend money buying seed potatoes, in particular by people who have not grown them before. After all there are probably some potatoes in the bottom of the vegetable basket that have just started sprouting.

At first sight there is no difference between supermarket potatoes and the ones we sell as seed potatoes.

Seed potatoes are certified to be free of pests and diseases. This means that they have been tested and do not have any viral diseases or traces of diseases such as blight. This reason alone is why farmers use seed potatoes rather than just save some of their last years crop.

Seed potatoes are guaranteed to be true to type and to be the correct variety, which means you know you are growing your favourites.

Seed potatoes have been graded so that you are buying potatoes of an ideal size for planting and cropping.

So, while you can grow potatoes from supermarket ones, or from ones saved from last years crop, you have a higher risk of your potatoes suffering from diseases.

Starting a new gardening year with quality certified disease free seed potatoes is a wise investment.

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