Celebrating 150 Years


Advert from The Yorkshire Post 1969

There has been a nursery on Halifax Road, Brighouse for 148 years (which means we are on the countdown to our 150th birthday!

It all started when the Kershaw family acquired what was known as Slead Syke Nurseries back in 1864.

The Nursery was soon known as one of the great nurseries in the north of England, the kershaws were general Nuurserymen producing a wide range of plants for sale.

In 1929 the nursery changed hands and was taken over by Yates Seeds, a company that is now part of the global seed giant Sakata Seeds.

However “Yates Reliable Seeds” as they are known are one of the leading seed brands in Australia and New Zealand.

Under the ownership of the Yates family (who still own and run Kershaw’s today) the nursery became renowned not just as seedsmen, but as Rose Growers and as producers of quality trees and shrubs.

The business prospered and before long there was a shop on the Headrow in Leeds and the nursery became renowned for the quality of its plants winning many gold medals at Southport Flower Show.

In the 1960’s pioneering nurserymen started to open their businesses up to supply members of the public with plants grown in containers that could be planted all year round. By the end of the decade, Kershaw’s Garden Centre was operating from what is now the Enchanted Wood Tea Room. With the business growing swiftly the current shop was built in 1971.

Kershaw’s Garden Centre and Shopping Village is still owned and managed by the Yates family, with Manager Mark Yates the third generation of the family to be growing on Halifax Road.

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