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How to grow potatoes…

January 31st, 2015

 Equipment you will need

• Seed potatoes

• 1 x egg box

• 1 x plastic bucket or grow in beds in your garden or in potato bags

• Compost or soil


Step 1 Put your seed potatoes into an open egg box with the sprouts facing up.   Place on a windowsill for two weeks to allow the sprout to harden. This process is called chitting.

Step 2 If you are using a plastic bucket make some drainage holes in the bottom.  Make sure an adult does this.

Step 3 Once chitting is complete, half fill the containers to be used with compost or soil.  Place your seed potato into the container sprouts facing up.   Fill the container nearly to the top with compost or soil and gently pat down.

Water lightly if the compost or soil is dry.

If you are planting in the ground make a suitable size hole for each seed potato to approximately 1.5 times its own depth, place the seed potatoes in the holes and cover with soil.

Growing potatoes inside:

Put the container somewhere as light as possible, ideally south facing.

Growing potatoes outside: 

Watch the weather forecast and bring containers inside if it is likely to be frosty.  Alternatively you can use bubble wrap or a blanket to protect the plants.

Water as necessary to keep soil moist.

Top tips:

Make sure that gloves are worn when handling potatoes and soil or compost.

Wash hands thoroughly after completing the tasks.

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