Growing Giant Sunflowers

1. Start your baby sunflower plant on a sunny windowsill, after a few days your plant will start to grow…

2. Once you plant has nice health green leaves you can start to think about where you are going to plant it.

3. Sunflowers like sun, so choose a sunny place to plant your sunflower in the garden.

4. Next you want to make a nice hole to plant your sunflower. Once you have dug the hole, mix in some compost, to make the soil nice and soft for its roots. Then, take it out of its baby pot, and carefully plant it in the garden.

5. Your new sunflower will want to grow tall, and try to reach the sun, so it will need something to support it and stop it falling over. A garden cane would be ideal.

6. Sunflowers like to have a drink of water from time to time to help them grow, so give yours a good drink every few days.

7. Why not challenge some friends to a sunflower race, and see which one is the first to get to 1m high, or even taller.

8. Some sunflowers can grow 2m or even 3m high, so it might be fun to plant your baby sunflower under your bedroom window to see if it will flower just outside your window.

9. Sunflowers are like us and can get hungry, so ask an adult to help you mix up some liquid feed (tomato food is best) and then give your sunflower a feed once a week.

10. When your sunflower is looking at its very best then ask for some help to post a picture of it onto our Facebook Page