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The Impish Lychnis flos-cuculi

May 4th, 2018

What a glorious day it was today. 

Whilst helping a customer to choose a waterlily,  out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a fairy dancing in the breeze… 

As I turned to check I saw that I was being deceived by Lychnis flos-cuculi otherwise known as Ragged Robin or flower of the cuckoo because they start to bloom in May which is when you start to hear the cuckoo. 

It is a native wild flower found in damp meadows and woods throughout the British Isles, although its numbers have declined due to modern farming techniques and the draining of wetlands. It is a most graceful plant with slender stems, bearing masses of sprays of charming, rose-red star shaped flowers.

Continuing to the end of the summer, the ‘impish’ flowers dance above the foliage like naughty fairies playing with passing insects, before slumbering through winter and springing to life next year.

Prefers damp feet in sun or part shade. Height 60cm (24”). Spread 30cm (12”).

And the good news is it’s in stock, all potted, preened and pretty, ready to be taken home for only £9.99, just pop in and ask for Liz…

If you hadn’t already guessed we have some lovely aquatic plants in the garden centre at the moment from £4.99.

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