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The Beauty that is a Magnolia

April 16th, 2018

A few weeks ago whilst we were still in grip of winter I photographed the furry buds of Magnolia, did you know that they have three furry layers to protect their flowers through winter? 

Magnolias are one of our most primitive flowering trees with fossilised specimens dating back over 20 million years. They are named after Pierre Magnol, a 17th Century French botanist. 

Since then the buds have swelled and today I noticed a flash of colour.  Magnolia with their large showy, fragrant tulip or star shaped flowers that come in shades of white, pink, purple and even yellow make fantastic ornamental garden trees or shrubs. We have varieties such as Magnolia stellata, Elizabeth, Soulangeana, Royal Star and Galaxy in stock now.

Whilst Magnolia trees look fantastic in a border, they are adaptable and can also be grown in pots, making fantastic patio features. A sheltered position will suit Magnolia trees and whilst full sun will give the best flowering, partial shade is often tolerated. 

They are worthy of investment and most although preferring slightly acidic soil are happy in a range of conditions and will thrive in sun and will provide more flowers if given shelter. Magnolias mark the time of year like clockwork!


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