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#10 bouncing has never been so much fun!

October 7th, 2014

Have you met our HappyHopperz®

They are a collection of bright, inflatable animals.

And they bounce. They are seriously bouncy.

They are like the space hoppers of the 1970’s.

But they are more bouncy.

In fact Liz our Garden Centre Manager tells us that they take BOUNCING to a whole new level.

Created with ears & horns for children to grip on to and feet to steady the bounce. (Because they are bouncy)

These wonderful animals come in a variety of different styles and colours that will give ‘Old Macdonald’ a run for his money!

HappyHopperz® can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be used in the smallest of spaces.

Happy Hopperz® do not require batteries/do not make any annoying noises or emit flashing lights but they are full of bouncy fun.

Happy Hopperz® are just one of the fantastic Christmas gift ideas on display at our Brighouse Garden Centre…

10 Happy Hoperz Christmas Gift Idea at Kershaw's Garden Centre-2


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