Kershaws garden Centre Elite GreenhousesWe all remember our first greenhouse, whether it was bought to overwinter tender plants, grow Chrysanths or Tomatoes, or just to potter and while away those damp days when we can’t be out in the garden, a greenhouse is the ultimate garden accessory.

We stock what we believe to be the best greenhouse brand in the UK, Elite.

If you are considering a new greenhouse, then please give us a ring now to discuss your requirements with Liz our greenhouse expert on 01484 713435.

We can then discuss what would make up your perfect greenhouse, from sizes through to what you might be growing in it.

“Buying a the right greenhouse for your garden and what you want to grow is essential, however the one single piece of advice every greenhouse owner would give is, go for a larger one that you think you will need, as the right size will soon become too small!” explains Liz our Greenhouse Guru