Charlie’s Little Growers

Welcome to Charlie’s Little Growers, over the coming weeks we will be posting lots of ideas to help entertain your family.  Follow us on facebook for regular updates.


Week 1



Messy Monday – This Monday’s challenge is to create a picture of a butterfly or a bee using paint, crayons, felt tips, collage etc. Then take a photo of your picture and send it to us on Facebook, via Messenger, or by email to by Saturday 28th March . There will be a prize for the winner.   We are sure that all your pictures will be amazing and will cheer up the Kershaw’s community.




Tasty Tuesday

Can you grow Carrot tops?

 You will need:

Carrot top (2-3 cm from stem with some root growth remaining on top)
Shallow dish
10 Cotton wool 
Sunny spot on a windowsill

What to do:

1. Simply add a layer of cotton balls to your small dish.

2. Add a light dribble of water over the cotton balls so they are wet but not completely flooded with water.
3.Press your carrot top into the wet cotton balls and place the dish in a sunny location.

4. Be sure to check that the cotton balls remain wet throughout the growing period. You do not want to dry them out.

It will take a few days for children see the carrot top begin to grow, but once it starts it will grow quite quickly so long as the conditions are right. Later this can be transplanted into compost and grown on as a houseplant.


Go on a Bug Safari

Let’s go out in the garden and explore a world full of tiny creatures – the world of the minibeast!

It’s time to go on a safari… a bug safari! Can you spot a slug, snail or woodlouse in your green patch or even maybe a bee, no matter where you are, you’re sure to have a critter-packed safari.

You can find bugs everywhere – under logs and rocks, beneath pots, on leaves, in the grass and on walls. Just remember, to them you’re a GIANT! So be very gentle to avoid hurting these tiny creatures.

Have a wild safari, show us how you got on, take a photograph, make a list, do a drawing and share it on our Facebook page



Thrilling Ocean Facts

Click here to find out 10 thrilling facts about the ocean, then maybe you could draw, colour, or make a collage of an undersea world, you could include coral, seaweed, shells, fish maybe even a treasure chest or a mermaid!


Charlie’s Little Growers

Free to join mini-gardeners club for children aged 3-11.

Learn about plants wildlife and the environment.

Members will receive regular newsletters which will include vouchers, invitations to event days, competitions and lots more.

Examples of activities:

•   Bugs
•   Beasts
•   Butterflies
•   Grow your own Pizza
•   Grow your own flowers
•   Grow your own Vegetables
•   Make a windowsill lunchbox

Please note all children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

For more information please ask in store or drop us an email to